Body Fuel

Annie’s eggs (Annie is the hen), Berty’s bacon, Mandy’s mushrooms, Barry’s beans, Simon’s soda, Paddy’s fadge (fried potato bread), Hilda’s sausage, Sandy’s soda, totally ordinary toast. We’ve also added tomatoes for colour!

We’ve widened the doors for when you leave


Pain Perdu

French toasted sourdough bread, scrumptious fruits, bitter/sweet lemon curd, creamy Greek Yoghurt and smashed pistachios

si français que vous serez laissé se sentir comme un fleuriste parisien


Piled High Pancakes 

Flipping fantastic pancakes, Berty’s Back Bacon, Annie’s Egg - Fried, non-local Canadian Maple Syrup

Hungry? This will fill you for a flipping week!


Buck it in a bowl

Uber healthy live yoghurt, local super granola, smashing fruits, dark chocolate and fire roast hazelnuts

This breakfast will leave you feeling more healthy than a ripened avocado


Posh Porridge  

Delicious hot porridge made from locally grown oats and fresh whole milk. We love it with sliced Armagh apple, juicy blueberries and Miss Cochrane’s honey but you can slap whatever you want on top! 

This bowl of goodness will warm your heart, body, mind and soul!


Continental Breakfast 

A selection of fresh seasonal fruits, cheese, Irish breads, yoghurt and any other tasty delights we might have when you’re here!

Bacon to go.jpg

Backhand Bacon Butty 

Flying down the road and no time to stop for breaky? We can have this ready for you as you walk out the door.

Fresh soft bread jammed full of Berty’s bacon with a kick of HP sauce. Wash it down with a hot brew to go.